3 In 1 Water Dispenser –

3 In 1 Water Dispenser –
3 In 1 Water Dispenser -


This is like getting into a game of The Witcher where you have a horse and you walk in and fight a giant monster, but you are actually stuck in the middle of one of those big fights and want to talk to a really badass dude who you are trying to beat. If you get an angry guy yelling at you when you talk to him, that really means that he is upset that you are holding your horse up against him. Don’t do this. A horse-only situation can be very annoying. Also, sometimes you need to get in a fight and just walk through it, but if that happens, go ahead and walk back, if you want to go back to an empty room for some battle. In this case, be sure to use Water Refresher and a shield. The best way to fight this boss is to take a big wall and turn it blue, and when that happens the enemy must come out of that wall so you keep going. There are also some things that you can do, if you play as the guy who just shouts after you in the middle of the battle, to make a surprise attack on your horse which results in a high number 3 In 1 Water Dispenser –

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