Additional services.

Additional services.

What else can Avis help to make your trip more comfortable?

When planning a big trip, it is absolutely necessary to carefully think over everything that may be needed on the way and consider all possible unforeseen circumstances so that you do not suddenly find yourself in a position that could ruin the mood for you and your fellow travelers.

Alas, we cannot foresee everything in a standard car rental agreement.

Therefore, we suggest that you independently choose the services and options that will make your tour even more comfortable and safe.

Our additional services.

Subscription cars Additional insurance Car delivery Roadside assistance Car rental with driver Avis-Flex One-way rental Car return outside working hours.

More about services.

One-way rental Not every car rental company can boast of such an extensive geography, thanks to which our clients can build extremely democratic routes. Agree, it is very convenient to fly to one airport in the country, and go home from another, located hundreds of kilometers from the pick-up point. There is no need to go back. Well, if you decided to continue your journey with a sea cruise, but took a car in the continental part

Additional insurance Only you can estimate

Car delivery This service is irreplaceable if you bought a tour, and the host, as it should be in such cases, organizes a transfer from the airport to the hotel. It will be difficult to break away from the warm sea and hot sand in the first days, and then go far to the nearest rental point, but the main thing

24/7 technical support Of course, we provide 24/7 support to our customers. But there are situations outside the scope of a standard contract. Replacing a wheel in the event of a puncture can be difficult for certain categories of renters, and anyone can find keys in the ignition of a locked car or find themselves on the road with an empty tank. We will help in this case too

Return outside office hours Your departure may come too late or early when there is no one to pick up the car at the station. For such situations, it is possible to leave the keys in a special box (key box) at the Avis parking lot. Just keep in mind

Car rental with a driver Situations in which it may be necessary to rent a car with a driver

Long-term car rental in Russia Did you know that in the territory of the Russian Federation you can rent a car for a long time? We offer more than 2000 vehicles under the AVIS Flex program in 70 cities of the country. The term of a long-term car rental is from two months to two years.

With the right of subsequent redemption, besides.

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