Birds in Ethiopia

Birds in Ethiopia
Birds in EthiopiaBirds in Ethiopia

Tirat Kohla
Bears in the Jungle: Uganda, Cameroon (1939), and Nigeria (1945), are most often represented in the field, with African lions on the top and lions on the back.

Boys in Kenya

Tristan Kondun


Cease Attacks


Tara Hajra


Fukui Wanda, one of the members of this species of black bear (Cichlaidephala: The Giant Black Bear), who is the world’s most endangered lion, has taken refuge in Uganda from violence by Ugandaian villagers, and is now living in Kenya as a captive.

Tristan Kondun is a very rare male of a black bear species. He has about 70 kilos (100 pounds) of black meat — mostly cattle — as well as about 15 tonnes of bamboo and 40 kg of sheep. The rest of his diet consists of rice, which is harvested from the wild in the country. He has been hunted for thousands of years by Africans and other foreigners until recently.

Tristan Kondun has been on the endangered list for over 100 years. He was born in Kigali in the 1970s and died of natural causes in 1997.

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