Good Review: Comparative test of 5 popular car DVRs.

Good Review: Comparative test of 5 popular car DVRs.

In a number of countries, DVRs are prohibited, and the demand for such gadgets is low. In Russia, the opposite is true. Options on the market

In this comparative test, we will tell you how to choose the right car recorder, answer the popular questions that arise among those who are just choosing which DVR to buy, and try to figure out what to expect from low-cost and mid-range DVRs. For our comparison test, we have selected 5 models of brands that have proven themselves well in this market.

Appearance and management of DVRs.

The delivery set for car recorders is standard.

This is the DVR itself, a mounting bracket and a power cable with an adapter for connecting to a cigarette lighter. Additionally, a wire for connecting to a computer, wire clips and a disc with proprietary software may be attached.

The registrars themselves are pretty similar.

In addition to the lens, the body of the recorder contains control keys, an LCD screen, a mounting platform, a connector for connecting a power cable and transferring data to a PC, a slot for installing a memory card and a video output (not always).

Ease of management

The DVR setup is done once. The standard list of settings consists of video recording and photo shooting parameters, sensitivity

Then the recorder automatically turns on and off along with the ignition. The only function for which you need to press a key on the body is

How long can a car recorder last without recharging?

DVRs are equipped with a built-in battery and theoretically can work without being connected to the on-board network. But the battery capacity is modest, and in the video playback mode, the battery life is limited to ten minutes. Some devices are equipped with a supercapacitor, the capacity of which is only enough for the correct completion of the current recording.

So it doesn’t hurt to have an external battery with you.

Having noted these important points, let’s move on to our heroes.

Digma FreeDrive 400 is stylized as a miniature camera in a metal body. The workmanship is generally good, but the impression is spoiled by the control LED, which blinks through the hole in the case from the depths of the device. Six keys are responsible for control and settings. Two very tiny ones are located on the left end and the remaining four

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