How to clean paint from garments with handy tools at home.

How to clean paint from garments with handy tools at home.

Any person from time to time encounters a similar problem, since various dyes are surrounded by a person in everyday life. And we are not talking about painters who are constantly faced with paint by virtue of their profession, undertaken repairs in a home or the possibility of getting dirty on a painted bench. The reason for the appearance of paint on clothes can very often be gouache or watercolor bought for a child, hair dye on your favorite home clothes, etc.

To successfully deal with a stain of paint, we advise you to adhere to a few simple rules:

In order to remove paint with a high degree of probability, it is imperative to focus on its appearance, since different compounds (water, solvent, drying oil) are removed in different ways.

A fresh, non-dried stain is much easier to remove than old dried paint.

To avoid damaging your garment, it is best to test the cleaning compound on a small piece of similar fabric or a patch that is usually sewn onto the inside of the garment.

For cleaning at home, it is necessary to create good ventilation in the room or perform all manipulations in the fresh air. This is due to the fact that most cleaning solutions contain white spirit, acetone, solvent, gasoline and other volatile oil products and can lead to fire and poisoning with harmful vapors.

Painted, polished or varnished surfaces should be avoided as the solvent can not only remove the stain, but also damage the substrate used.

If the damaged item is lined or consists of several balls, then before removing the stain, the layers must be insulated with plastic wrap or any other waterproof material.

It is better to use cotton pads or white pieces of cloth to handle the cleaning solution, as any dyed cloth can fade under the influence of a solvent and make your favorite thing even more unsightly.

Getting rid of hair dye on clothes.

It is almost impossible to clean dried hair dye, so it is better to do all the manipulations as quickly as possible. Undiluted vinegar is used as a solvent. Next, the clothes must be washed immediately. To enhance the effect, we recommend adding a glass of vinegar during the wash process.

A stain from a light-colored cloth can be wiped off with a heated solution of hydrogen peroxide with the addition of ammonia. Next, the garment must be promptly washed with laundry soap.

You can soften the stain with glycerin, and then treat it with a solution of sodium chloride and vinegar. After manipulation, clothes must be washed in cold water and wiped off the stain with gasoline or kerosene. Next, the clothes must be washed immediately with laundry soap.

Oil paint stains.

A fresh stain must be saturated with an oil base (sunflower or butter). Further, the softened paint is removed with refined gasoline.

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