Mushroom Health & Beauty Services in Ethiopia

Mushroom Health & Beauty Services in Ethiopia
Mushroom Health & Beauty Services in Ethiopia

A special partnership between S.C.F. and local NGO Aga Khan is taking place inside the Aga Khan clinic and will be run at the request of a local community health officer.”These clinics offer a wide range of services such as healthcare, education, family health, and social care. In April last year, I was diagnosed with MSR and am now free to travel but am doing so all in my personal capacity,” explains a local NGO worker.

“On the road I will be treated for my MSR with the local community health officer,” explains a resident, who did not want to be identified by the name of the NGO and declined to be named for fear of retribution from the authorities.”I am doing everything I can to assist the family, as well as help in our community, who live outside the city and do not have a local income or employment opportunities. It is a daily struggle to get by but I can finally do more than just take care of my wife. She is living in fear, and she can’t find employment,” the woman adds, before explaining that she is getting treatment from the government.

In August 2013, the Aga Khan Foundation sent her a $250,000 award through its “Assistance in Resettlement of Persons with MSR” program.

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