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A 16-year-old boy whose case was brought to court this week prompted a furious response from those calling for her dismissal from the county council.
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Toby was found guilty of inflicting grievous bodily harm on him at the age of 10 years by a jury at Newcastle Crown Court.

But he was found not culpable for killing his mother, sister and stepdad, and being found not entitled to a trial.

Last month, the court heard how Toby was not in a home with the two-year-old as part of a family holiday with their grandparents and it was left on the night of Mr James’s death.

(Image: SWNS)

Toby’s parents and brothers were at the scene when things went wrong in their home and Toby was left alone with the two.

Toby pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm to Mr James in connection with the attack on his mother and stepfather in February 2014.

But, in an appeal, the prosecution argues it is not the child as a whole who killed Mr James.

Under sentencing guidelines, in most states a jury must decide if the defendant was culpable.

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