Sabrina Spellman.

Sabrina Spellman.

She was originally thought to be the daughter of Edward and Diana Spellman, making her a half-dead-half-witch. However, it was later revealed that her real father was Satan (Dark Master / Lord).

Despite the fact that she was not a full-fledged witch, Madame Satan noted that Sabrina has the potential to become the most powerful witch not only of her generation, but also in history. Following the completion of the Dark Baptism, Sabrina’s powers were increased to a much greater level than ever before. Specifically, she summoned hellfire to burn Thirteen

Sabrina triggered a time paradox to save her friends and family from the pagans, which led to the appearance of two Sabrins. Sabrina Spellman chose to stay on Earth with her family, while Sabrina Morningstar the Lightbringer chose to stay in Hell and become its queen. However, the existence of two Sabrines led to the appearance of three duplicate worlds, as a result of which S. Morningstar went to parallel space.

Unfortunately, the attempt to escape from the Cosmic together with the Infinite failed, and she was killed by another Ancient Nightmare – the Abyss, which Sabrina Spellman later tried to lock in Pandora’s Box.

Ultimately, Sabrina Spellman and Sabrina Morningstar died saving the universe from the Ancient Nightmares, which ended the series.


Official description []

Biography []

Early life []

Sabrina was spawned by a fallen angel, Lucifer Morningstar, High Priest of the Church of the Night, Edward Spellman, and a mortal, Diana Spellman. Edward and Diana could not conceive a child and turned to the Dark Lord for help, from whom Diana soon became pregnant. After the birth of the child, Diana performed the holy baptism of Sabrina with her aunt Hilda Spellman, and later Edward wrote down her name in the Book of the Beast.

Soon after, Sabrina’s parents will die in a plane crash. Sabrina was the only survivor, so she was transported to her aunts, leaving in the care of Hilda and Zelda Spellman, although Diana’s remaining family apparently tried unsuccessfully to gain custody of Sabrina. Sabrina grew up with her aunts and cousin Ambrose Spellman.

On her first day at school, she met and befriended Harvey Kinkle, Rosalind Walker and Susie Putnam. Sometime before her Dark Baptism, the Prophetic Sisters sought her out. Sabrina hoped that they would become her friends, but they only wanted to torment her, as they believed that she did not belong to the Academy of the Invisible Arts, thinking that she was only half a witch.

Personality []

Sabrina possessed incredible self-esteem and strong willpower, which allowed her to effectively resist psychological torture. This was seen during her torture by the Prophetic Sisters, when she repeatedly resisted their attempts to subdue her. Likewise, Sabrina had a strong sense of independence.

She was feminist and believed in the advancement of women in society. She did not hesitate to confront anyone who humiliates any student. Sabrina was an unusually compassionate, caring, intelligent, thoughtful, rebellious and energetic person, as well as an unwaveringly loyal friend and loving girl.

She was very popular in her mortal school, but neglected in the school of magic. She lived every day with a sense of guilt for not being able to tell her friends about her true nature, but learned to cope with it.

Raised in the mortal world, Sabrina was in many ways the exact opposite of pureblood witches. She has a very strong moral compass and did not look down on mortals or acquaintances. Her loved ones and her belief in freedom of choice are certainly the most important qualities for her, which made her reject the teachings of the Church of the Night. She quickly questioned witchcraft traditions and worked tirelessly to find ways to circumvent more barbaric customs. Talented, resourceful, brave and supportive, Sabrina has developed a mild form of arrogance over time.

This trait, combined with her loyalty to friends, caused her to make reckless and sometimes bad decisions that, unfortunately, cost her dearly.

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