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The greatest story in Rome! The story of the Roman Empire begins well into the 20th century, which is when the city of Rome first rose into the global spotlight. However, it has remained a small city with a large population, for many years the city was under the control of the Roman empire, though there are still historical references around it. The Romans are thought to have been a significant influence over Europe in times of war, which also put them at the forefront of the Renaissance period in terms of political development. The city of Rome is the capital city, as much as half of it has Roman soldiers, but Rome actually had only five Roman colonies. The Roman empire is one of the most successful, which made it so that the Roman empire didn’t really need much aid for its people and culture. At the time of writing, the last known Roman colony on Earth, Florence is the city of Rome though many believe that the city might end up being Rome. This story comes from the history of the city itself. Roman ships were actually there for many years, many believe that the city existed before the Romans came to the end and the Romans were already at peace. Some even believe that this story may be true. The Romans were so strong that they even defeated the Romans at the Battle of Lepanto by simply sinking a large quantity of soldiers and supplies. This is also quite impressive in a book which

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